Why I do it

We all have the ability to achieve anything. I proved this to myself many times in life. Once you learn the skills needed to achieve, it becomes second nature. Like anything in life, it’s hard to do until you know how. Never allow any challenge to stop you achieving, it’s a moto I have lived my whole life by and I want to show you how to do it too. 

Business is a skill but it is also a mindset, it’s a way of thinking, it’s a routine of good habits and knowing the right things to focus on. That’s something owning my own businesses has taught me. And it was an important lesson to learn. But it has been an interesting and sometimes difficult journey to get here. 

What I have learnt in business...

You can’t just ‘work hard’ to have success.

Getting more customers won’t help if your business is broken.

If you don’t know where you are heading, you are not going to get there.

Checking your emails every 10 minutes, doesn’t get those things you’ve been meaning to do done.

In fact, the average time is 6 minutes (most people check their emails every 6 minutes!).

How did I learn these things?

I’ve spent the last 10 years running businesses, some successful some very successful failures. I worked really hard, so hard in fact I didn’t give myself a break. Ever. I was like a work horse, I just kept going until I got too ill to get out of bed, but still got up the next day and continued working really hard. 

They told me the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary, yet I was putting in all this work and not really seeing any of this success. 

So what was I doing wrong?

Well, the truth is I started out in business with a keen interest in it, but I didn’t really understand it, not properly. I mean, I thought I knew about business. How hard can it be? The internet is riddled with these “I went from 0-£10k in a month.” stories. So you can too right? I mean, I’d watched ‘Dragons’ Den’ a couple of times, and thought how I could be a much better candidate on ‘The Apprentice’, so I had all the business skills I needed.


Truth is, I had no real clue about running a business. I didn’t understand the fundamentals required to make a business successful. I would spend my days just doing endless tasks, without measuring their success, not really knowing what I was doing. 



Because no one had showed me how to properly do it, and while Google is full of information, most of it is pretty high level common sense stuff, I could probably figure out myself if I thought about it. 

And then...

I got a mentor. I invested in a training programme that taught me the skills I need to really understand my business, and it all finally clicked. Thinking back, what was I even thinking trying to do all this without any training?  I wouldn’t run a marathon without training for it, I wouldn’t go and perform heart surgery without learning how and I wouldn’t step into driving a car without the skills I need. So why would I start a business without the skills I need?

Now, before I go on, it does take hard work and dedication to ‘do it properly’. BAD NEWS – there is no magic wand to drop a mountain of money on your plate. But the difference is, you need to work hard on the right tasks.

Get that right and you will rapidly see massive improvements in your business and your lifestyle. Because *spoiler alert* working really hard ALL the time (especially when it is not generating any results) is not actually fun and YOU will burn out, and then you’ll be too tired to carry on with your business.

Once you discover the right tools and techniques needed to run your business, it really is life changing.

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