Small Business 100

Small Business 100

Small business is so important for us an individuals, shopping small and local is one of the things you can do to help fight against commercial consumerism, which is one factor preventing us from becoming ethical consumers. Small businesses tend to be more local, cutting down transport miles, and reducing carbon footprint, tend to have a better quality products, there is a lot to say for all the love passion and energy that is put into any small business, meaning they take care into the suppliers, the product and you are less likely to get something where you don’t know where it is made, who made it or how it was made, with a small business often you can speak directly to the owner of the company.

There is a lot to celebrate about small business which is why we love the #smallbiz100 campaign. Last year 2018, we where lucky enough to be part of the 100, and we are writing this blog post to encourage you to take part this year!

So what is it all about, the campaign highlights 100 UK small businesses in the lead up to Small biz Saturday, it is nationwide and across all industries and each year they pick a variety of businesses from across the UK to take part. Each business is given a day. In 2018 our day was the 27th October, on that day, the campaign promotes you and your business, This all leads up to Small business Saturday, Which is a day to celebrate all things small business.

It’s not just those two days, there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the campaign and we had lots of press and media coverage nationwide as well as local. We were featured in this telegraph article, got interviewed for the radio and local TV station. You also get the chance to network with other businesses chosen as part of the 100 and attend events, we where invited to a ball to celebrate our success and the House of lords reception to launch Small business Saturday.

It also helped us really focus on things we could do to promote the day and other local small businesses around us, the whole campaign was a lot of fun and I would really recommend applying to be part of it this year.

A pply to be part of the small biz 100


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