Mentoring Clinic

What are Mentoring Clinics?

Join us each week via video chat for help with your business.

Mentoring Clinics are part of our Elevate Programmes.

Access to 50 Mentoring Clinics held weekly – see the year planner for dates and times. 

Whether you want some input into your business, have a question to ask, want to work through an idea or for us to offer support or advice on ANY topic or just want to come along to watch and learn from other businesses, this is the place.

Our sessions are held via Zoom chat, and you are welcome to just come and watch – we’ll never put anyone on the spot, and your camera can be on or off, so you don’t even need to do your hair!

What does a session involve?
You control the agenda.
  • Help for you and your business
  • Any question answered
  • Goal setting
  • Motivation
  • Just to talk
  • Sharing / talking through ideas
  • Bring a campaign / website / work for critique

Want to attend a clinic?

Mentoring Clinics are held weekly, on alternating days, in morning, afternoon and evening rotation.

Monday sessions are held 1pm to 2pm

Wednesday sessions are held 8pm to 9pm

Friday sessions are held 10am to 11am

(Occasionally we hold sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when other events clash)

See our programme calendar for the up-to-date live sessions

To attend a session, register for the appropriate day.

Once you have registered, simply click on the registration link you will be emailed before the session. 

You are welcome to come and go during a session, as it is run as a drop-in clinic. 

So if you just want to drop in to ask a question, then leave, you can. Or stay and listen to others. 

The sessions will be live for the full hour, so you can attend even if , for example, you can only make the last 15 minutes. 

Questions will be dealt with on a first-come first-served basis, and we will do all we can to solve as many problems as possible during the session. 

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