How to write a business plan – the fun way.

How to write a business plan – the fun way.

Business Planning is Fun Again

So you’re looking at starting a business or you already run a business but YOU HATE BUSINESS PLANNING.

I used to too, my first business plan was shocking, a downloaded template, executive summary and me staring helplessly at the document wondering what on earth I’m supposed to be writting to fill in these blanks.

I think I ended up with a lot of faff and no real substance.

See the benefit of starting your own business is NOW you make the rules. so your business plan doesn’t have to be a 60 page stuffy piece of text, that no one wants to read. It can be whatever you want.

There are a few exceptions when you need to fill out specifics if applying for grants or loans – but even then you starting point, can be what you want it to be.

I mean if you want to write your business plan on some toilet roll, go for it!

There are some fundimentals though.

A business plan can’t just be in your head. you’ll have no real clarity and nothing to visualise.

IF this is a new business you will need to understand why you are doing what your doing.

You need some sort of financial planning and understanding your numbers, unless you want to be added to the list of failed business owners.

The Business Plan That Isn’t

What if your business plan could be filled with fun colourful photos, inspirational quotes and phrases instead? What would that do for your daily motivation?

By collecting images that represent your dreams and aspirations, you’ll have a constant reminder of where it is you’re going, and even why you started your business in the first place. Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids as they’re growing up, or have enough money to finally take that vacation to Disney. What about that house in the country you’ve always dreamed of owning, or the sporty little red car that’s been calling your name.

None of these things will find a place in a traditional business plan, but they’re perfect for yours. More importantly, they’re critical to your long-term success. Without your dreams, it’s nearly impossible to remain focused and on track when it comes to business growth, but with these reminders, it’s easy!

Does all this feel pretty airy-fairy to you? You’re not alone. Lots of us were raised to believe that business had to be all about numbers and stats, and that there was no room for fun when it comes to making money.

I completely disagree!

In fact, some of the most successful people in the world routinely use vision boards to help clarify their dreams and keep their goals front of mind. And that’s precisely why vision boards work so well. They allow you to easily see exactly what it is you’re working toward, whether it’s a shiny new car or a big, beautiful home, or an exotic vacation.

By keeping visual reminders within sight, you’re constantly aware of your “why,” and that’s a powerful motivator, no matter what you’re working on.

Of course, no banker is going to accept your vision board as proof of viability and give you a loan based on it. But when it comes to clarifying your dreams, pinpointing your real goals, and getting excited about your business again, you just can’t beat a personal, colorful vision board. Give it a try. You might just surprise yourself!

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