How to be productive when working from home.

How to be productive when working from home.

Working from home can be a challenge, for some while others love the environment of at home working. I have always enjoyed the peace and quiet of working from home and have been doing it for many years.

If you have suddenly found yourself forced into the working from home environment and don’t know where to begin. here are some tips on how to be productive and avoid the distractions of working at home.

  1. Set clear boundaries, have a working area, away from distractions, like TV, other family members. Even better if you can close the door. This helps you when you are at “work” or at “home”.
  2. Set it up for success, make your working area a place where you can thrive, maybe hang an inspirational poster or affirmations, put up a picture of your goals, leave a travel guide to the place you most want to go away on holiday to.
  3. Timetable in your work, Have clear times for when you are working, including scheduling breaks, start and finish times. It can sometimes take a while to get a timetable that works for you, but you need to work out when you work at your best.
  4. Move around, If you stay sat in the same place all day, it can be hard to stay productive, setting short breaks, where you go for a walk, change your environment can help restart productivity, if you feel yourself slipping into unproductive habits, get up move around and come come back in 20 mins.
  5. Track your time – Using a time management tracking software, my favourite is Rescue time to track your time spent on different activities while on your computer, I was amazed at home much time I spent on my emails and facebook after installing this, which runs in the background, tracking your activities. They have a free account and a paid one which is just $6 a month, which has some pretty cool features such as turning off distraction for focused time, I like watching my activity get more productive each week and viewing the reports. They also have some cool content on how to be more productive in their resources section so well worth checking out!
  6. Schedule play time – Set yourself allowable time to do things you like, it could be a break for a 10 minute yoga work out, or some exercise, singing, even allowing yourself time for non productive activities like checking your social media, it’s the same as the “don’t press the red button” actually identify you like to look at your social media and schedule it in, but set a timer, and an alarm to do it at set times each day.
  7. Get a good morning routine, The start to the day is ultimately going to shape the rest of your day, so have a morning routine, many people find starting the day with a productive exercise, such as writing a blog post for your blog, try to schedule in productive activities that you will complete each morning and get the day off to a good start. Avoid checking emails first thing or social media, Do your routine, get the productive things done and you’ll feel a lot better for it.
  8. Drink lots of water, I can sometimes forget to drink when I work at home, so I take a water bottle to my home office, just as I would if I was working away from home, pop it on the desk and remember to drink regularly throughout the day, dehydration is not good for productivity.
  9. Be kind to yourself – Not everyday is going to go well, some days will be a disaster, as long as those days are not the trend it’s ok to have days where you don’t get much done, but start identifying your bad habits and working out ways to put a stop to them will help you have less unproductive days. Sometimes the body just wants a break, so a duvet day every now and then is a good thing!
  10. Reward yourself – Celebrate your small wins, we as humans are much more likely to focus on all the stuff we didn’t achieve and all the things we have yet to do! so allow yourself to celebrate the positives, yes you got that blog post written, and ticked off 3 things from your to-do list. set little rewards for yourself when you do good things. Maybe it’s a biscuit break once you’ve written your blog article for the day……and with that in mind I’m off to eat my biscuit now…….


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