Our Cookie Policy

What on earth are cookies? We want to make sure you have a good experience on our website, so we aim give you the best information for your needs. To do that we use cookies. Most companies will probably tell you that it’s for your benefit, but, let’s be clear here, it’s kinda for mine. Cookies give us business owners valuable information about where you have been on the website (for example, which pages you have visited) and how long you have been on each page. You become a statistic and it helps me to improve my site.

Also, and more specifically, I might use the information to retarget you when you visit other sites, by using Google remarketing (it’s really cool and you should be doing the same in your business). It’s also used for remarketing on social media websites like Facebook.

There are also benefits for you of course. Cookies store a data file in your browser directory, so you can easily find the websites you’ve been too, and, for example, it stops you getting pop-ups and stuff shown time and time again, because the cookies mean that your browser remembers stuff about your visit to the website.

Some cookies are essential for certain parts of the website to work. You have a choice to turn off the non-essential ones, the ones that help me, basically.

Sometimes, cookies are used to remember a selection you have made, so that you don’t have to make it twice.

I don’t do anything bad (I’m a good person, honest!) with this information, and I don’t store any personal identifiable information about you. All the cookie data is anonymous, and doesn’t allow us to identify who a specific visitor to the site is.

Our cookie data is used for marketing and remarketing.  

Usually your web browser is set to accept cookies. If you have visited this site and do not want to use cookies, please exit and use your browser tool settings to delete the cookies. If you do this and then revisit the site, cookies will again be set unless you can change your browser settings to reject cookies.

We are committed to complying with the legislation for storing information on a user’s computer or mobile device, which are detailed on the ICO website. We aim to be honest and clear about your privacy when using our website. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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