Month: March 2020

Turning negativity into positivity

When faced with adversity, we have two choices: we can either continue down a spiral of negativity or we can choose to be proactive. It’s not easy. Our brains seem to thrive on high level of negativity, they love the hype, speculation and doom stories. We find ourselves wanting to know more, the brain panics…
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What Novichok taught me, that might help you with Covid-19

I have been here before. An uninvited agent is out there that no-one really knows a lot about. The media has hyped it up a lot, and is providing a whole host of conflicting information, that ultimately spins everyone into a panic. Last time this happened I owned a small independent shop in the heart…
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How much does a Business Mentor / Business Coach cost?

I see a lot of online coaches who coach coaches (wow, I have used the word coach a lot in the first sentence!). They advocate the theory that getting your clients to pay £5000, £10,000 or £30,000 means you can have fewer clients, with less work and earn lots of money to show at the…
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