Month: February 2020

Why are Business Mentors so expensive?

I was talking to a potential new client the other day, and while we were talking she looked at me and, with a somewhat exasperated look, asked me, “Why are business mentors so expensive?” It’s a question I hear a quite lot and I was sat pondering it this evening and I think I now…
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Is business coaching worth it?

This would depend on: The business coach you are working with. How much work you put in. What you are looking to achieve. I often hear potential clients saying, “Mentoring and coaching is so expensive.” but I think they are approaching it all wrong. Because coaching should be FREE. WHAT?!? What did I just say?…
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10 reasons businesses fail

1 – Planning Failure to plan is planning to fail, and while we might have some ideas about what we want to achieve or where we want to go, without details, and really getting an in depth understanding of how to effectively plan for our business, we are really setting ourselves up for failure. I…
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