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How to write a business plan – the fun way.

Business Planning is Fun Again So you’re looking at starting a business or you already run a business but YOU HATE BUSINESS PLANNING. I used to too, my first business[…]

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3 Social Media Myths Busted…

Social Media is so powerful, but also is somewhat mysterious to many. Why do some people have great success on social media and others post and get nothing back. I’m[…]

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8 Mistakes Successful People Don’t Make – or Don’t Repeat

Do you keep making the same mistakes? If you do, you might find that you make little progress in your life. There is a huge opportunity to learn from your[…]

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Why I do it

Amongst other things, I want to help others achieve their best and achieve more than they ever thought they could.

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Here are just some of the great things clients have said about what I have done for them and their business.

Very informative and helpul evening. Thanks again.

Thank you. Was very informative. Confirmed all the bits I’d done so far and good points for things I hadn’t thought of.

Thank you so much for the knowledge, experience and insights you shared! You gave me so much to think about and practical steps to work through, very helpful.

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